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Orlando Wood Fence Installation

Orlando Wood Fence Installation Experts

Straightline Fence, Orlando’s leading home improvement company, serves the Orlando area with the highest quality commercial and residential fences available in Central Florida.

Backed by years of experience, We specialize in fence design and installation, offering the most stunning privacy fencing, picket fence, ornamental metal fencing, and vinyl/PVC fencing, all custom constructed for you.

Following the selection of the appropriate material, style, and finish, our fencing experts will install your fence in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications as well as your local municipal building standards. Our fence installers are the most dependable in the market, and they only utilize the best materials and procedures to put up your fence.

  • No Subcontractors
  • Professional Installaion
  • All Materials Made in the USA

Types of Wood We Recommend

Pine Wood

Pine is a softwood that may be found across the Northern Hemisphere. Surprisingly, there are over 100 species throughout the world, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular and accessible. Pine is a light-weight, straight-grained, and figureless soft white or pale yellow wood. It has a high resistance to shrinking and swelling. For an aesthetic impact, knotty pine is frequently employed. For rural or provincial furniture, pine is a popular choice. This wood is frequently pickled, whitened, painted, and finished with oil finishes.

Cypress Wood

While being a top option, Cypress wood is rot-resistant, cypress contains creatine, which is a natural chemical repellent to insects, helping this wood last longer than other species of wood and hence a good choice for fencing. Because cypress trees are native to the southern United States, transportation expenses might make them an expensive choice.

Built To Last A Lifetime

The most common enclosure for residential backyards and subdivision fencing is a 6′ high privacy fence made of cypress or pressure-treated wood with 1′′x 6′′ planks. Basic dog ear fences, positive or negative scalloped fences, capped privacy with or without lattice toppers and capped privacy with or without lattice toppers all serve to give seclusion and protection with differing degrees of aesthetic flare. For extreme privacy or commercial uses such as trash enclosures, 8′ high is also available.

When absolute seclusion is not as critical, a shadowbox or colonial-style fence are suitable choices. Only high-quality fence materials are utilized, from the posts to the rails to the boards and nails. To provide the highest quality installations, projects are built on-site by skilled installers.

Wooden fences provide a classic, traditional appearance for a variety of residential and business applications. StraightLine Fence sells a wide variety of wood fences, including:

  • Privacy Fence
  • Picket Fences
  • Split rail fence and split board fences

Whether you need to build a perimeter fence around your front yard or a 6′ tall privacy fence to keep your children and pets safe, wooden fences are adaptable and can be stained to match your home siding or deck and fulfill your community’s uniformity criteria.

Cost To Install

The average price for installing a wood fence costs $2,889 and/or ranges between $1,600-4,800. Wood fences cost $17 to $45 per linear foot. Lumber averages from $7 to $15 per foot while labor cost ranges from $10 to $30 per foot. The largest cost factors include the fence’s length, height, and wood type. 

At Straightline Fencing, we understand that every one of our clients has different demands and requests. Our consultants listen to every word that you say while measuring your property lines varying by linear feet. This process helps clients become aware of their project costs.

Vinyl Fencing

Our vinyl fence profiles are extruded from stiff PVC material that contains impact modifiers for strength as well as a concentration of Titanium Dioxide pigment for UV light resistance. In other words, our PVC fence is long-lasting and resistant to fading and yellowing.

Vinyl fencing is available in a broad range of colors, heights, and styles to meet practically any requirement. Ranch Rail 2, 3, and 4 rails, as well as Crossbuck and Diamond Rail, are great property separators and provide a nice touch to any yard or perimeter. With or without lattice and picket-top decorations, full privacy and semi-privacy versions are offered. You may get the look you desire and need with a range of straight and concave or convex spaced picket types.

Why Choose Straightline Fencing?

There are various problems to consider when installing a new fence or replacing an existing fence. To begin with, the company’s reputation is critical. StraightLine Fence understands the difficulties in collecting the proper papers during the installation procedure. Our objective is to relieve you of the weight of red tape, and we will gladly handle it for you.

Levels of expertise and professionalism are other important factors to consider when hiring an Orlando fence contractor. StraightLine Fence has been in business for almost two decades. Our skilled, professional installers understand the value of your time and will make every effort to come on time.

All work will be completed swiftly and with great attention to detail. Furthermore, you can rely on us to handle complete clean-up, including the disposal of extra materials and previous fences. Contact us for a free estimate today!

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